The Importance of Reading

My mother taught me to read. Like most mothers, she was her son’s first teacher. Reading was one of the first of many skills my mother made sure I acquired in my early journey through life and it is one of the most, if not the most appreciated because I can see so clearly how […]

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Book Review

Official Review: The China Formula by Ray Simmons Post Number:#1 by Anki_Real_Reviews » 20 Feb 2016, 10:30 [Following is the official review of “The China Formula” by Ray Simmons.] 4 out of 4 stars Review by Anki_Real_Reviews Share This Review The China Formula by Ray Simmons is a compilation of action, romance, politics, and — […]

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Davao Street Art

?? ?? “Technically make your life your best masterpiece.” Today I experienced one of the things I dreamed of doing; Street arts and Graffiti. I always pass through this street art freedom wall in my city and was thinking when shall I be able to paint on those walls. I really am very thankful for…

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Sample Book Review

Originally posted on cohortsite:
This is a sample of a pretty good book review I got in United Kingdom ? ? ? The China Formula is a good thriller spotlighting China. It’s a fast paced novella obviously setting the scene for a deeper more detailed work to follow. Simmons has been to China and seems…

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