Book Review

You have to pay attention to this one. With over 3300 pages, Virtual Quantum Collapse by Lutz Bartz is definitely not a quick read. And as the name suggests it is not a particularly easy read, especially for those not up on their quantum physics. But with its three exciting and gifted three main character/agents and their potentially universe saving mission Virtual Quantum Collapse is a very satisfying and exciting hard science novel in the vein of works by authors like Neil Stephenson. If you love his works you will like Lutz Bartz. I am not a scientist nor do a have a scientific educational background. I am simply a huge science-fiction fan who appreciates when the science and ideas are accurate, challenging, exciting, and very well written. You get all of that in Virtual Quantum Collapse…and more.

Hard science=fiction like Virtual Quantum Collapse usually start out very slow. You have to set things up so that the reader can appreciate the fictional world you have created for them. Lutz Bartz does this beautifully at the beginning of Virtual Quantum Collapse ad he does it well. We start on Andromeda Station Three and this is a mission briefing. A briefing for a mission bigger than any I can recall in any novel I have read so far. This introduces us to some of the most capable agents in the history of science fiction and the fact that all three are women added tremendously to the desire to see what happens next. The more you read, the more the human element and consequences come into play as well as the stakes rising. A pretty good formula for success.


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