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Life in The Peoples Republic of China!

China is developing fast! That causes concern for some people. I have found the Chinese people to be very much like us. Understanding is the key. Freedom is the answer.

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Trying to spread the love!

I knew I would never be a singer the day Ila recorded me singing a Rolling Stones song and played it back to me. I knew right then I needed to forget any dreams about rock and roll I had. It would be better to shut up and give everyone’s ears a break. But here […]

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The Joy of Teaching!

When I was a student I never dreamed I would love teaching. I have done a lot of jobs. Some of the very exciting. But nothing the joy of passing along knowledge to students who are hungry for it. It is very rewarding and satisfying teaching English in China. The students are very respectful and […]

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Hi from China!

My name is Ray Simmons. I’m an ESL teacher in China. I am a published writer and a world traveler. I am 57 years old and I want to improve my INTERNET skills so as to be able to reach more people and share my ideas and experiences with others. I really like the traveling/teaching […]

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