Five Science Fiction Book Recommendations for Readers Who Don’t Like Science Fiction

Books Rock My World

I don’t know about you but when it comes to books I rarely discriminate. Whether they are published last year or a hundred years ago or if they are 700 or 70 pages long, I just don’t care, but I have to admit I sometimes avoid certain genres. No use in denying it. We all do it. And that’s okay. Sometimes we need a little help with venturing into an unknown genre and I am here to help you with one!


Science fiction is a scary one. The books are huge, the universes complex, and the science brutal. For some, space really is the final frontier, and when I try recommending something involving distant planets I get the response “I don’t really like SF”. Then I give them the look I give to people who say they don’t like puppies. What do you mean you don’t like puppies… I mean…

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